Blepharoplasty Brooklyn

As people age, their skin begins to become loose, due to the less fatty tissue and collagen in it. When this happens, you may begin to notice wrinkles and fine lines develop across your face. In some cases, the sagging and drooping skin can become quite significant. For some people, the condition leads to droopy eyelids. The excess skin hangs into the eyes creating trouble seeing and an aged appearance. Blepharoplasty can help in this case.

Brow Lift Brooklyn

Many men and women experience fine lines and wrinkles as they get older. The amount of collagen in your skin lessens as you get older. This allows for the skin to fold in the now empty space. For those who have wrinkle lines or frown lines, there are numerous procedures that can help. One targeted approach is the brow lift. When you come in to see our brow lift Brooklyn specialist, you’ll learn more about what this procedure is and how it can help you.