Eyebrow Lift FAQs

Brow Lift, Brooklyn, NYOne of the first places that patients tend to show signs of aging is on their forehead. Even though Botox can drastically help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles across the forehead, it’s only a temporary solution that has to be done every 3-5 months on average. If you are sick of seeing your fine lines and wrinkles but want longer lasting result than Botox, then you may want to consider an eyebrow lift.

What’s an eyebrow lift?

Nothing is worse than having a great day only to have everyone else think that you’re having a bad day because of the excess skin that’s pushing down on your face making you look like you have a furrowed brow. During an eyebrow lift, Dr. Giyaur will make an incision typically along the hairline so that it is concealed. After that, she will remove excess fat and tissue in the forehead that is making your have a furrowed look. After that she will then remove excess skin to lift and tighten it; leaving you with a more youthful look.

What Are Results Like?

The one thing that all patients should know about any type of cosmetic surgery is that even though results can be long lasting they’re not permanent. How come? Because age will eventually work against the elasticity in your skin and start to loosen it up. On average, however, many patients who get a brow lift notice that their results last over ten years.

Can Men and Women Get Them?

Yes, both men and women can be suitable candidates for a brow lift. If you are a man who wants a brow lift, then make sure that you talk to Dr. Giyaur about the results that you want because there are some techniques that she can do to preserve your masculinity while still giving you youthful results.

A brow lift is a great procedure for most patients who want to get a more youthful look around their forehead. If you want to learn a little bit more about this surgical procedure, contact our Brooklyn office today and give us a call at 718-676-6464.

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