Brooklyn Eye Allergies

Ocular allergies can present with a variety of different symptoms that may leave you frustrated and uncomfortable. It is important to identify what is causing your allergies in order to appropriately treat and manage them.

There are different types of allergies that can result in ocular discomfort. Seasonal allergies are common in the spring/summer time and are often the result of pollens from grass, trees, and weeds that peak during specific seasons. Perennial allergies are ones that occur year round and are often caused by irritants such dust mites, mold, various environmental triggers, animal dander, and more.

Common Eye Allergy symptoms

• red, irritated eyes
• itching
• tearing
• swollen eyelids
• light sensitivity
• foreign body sensation
• discomfort

Seasonal Allergy Recommendations

The first step in managing your seasonal allergies is avoiding or limiting exposure to the allergen.
• Stay indoors when pollen counts are at their peak & close windows to limit pollen entering your home. Clean your home often and keep shoes by the door to limit pollen spread.
• Take an over-the-counter oral antihistamine an hour before leaving your house.
• Avoid intense outdoor exercise as it increases your breathing and intake of pollen. If you want to exercise lightly outdoors, choose times when pollen counts are their lowest like dawn or early evening.
• Avoid synthetic fabrics that attract pollen. Wear clothing made of cotton and wash it often to eliminate all allergens off the fabric.
• Wash your hair before bed as pollen sticks to hair and can trigger your allergies overnight.

To treat your ocular symptoms, it is important to visit your eye doctor for a personalized treatment plan. Do not self medicate. Your eye doctor can recommend the appropriate drops to help your discomfort.

Eye Allergy Testing in Brooklyn

Yearly allergies are caused by a variety of allergens that are usually specific to the area you live in. At New York Laser Vision, we use a skin prick test specific to allergens that exist in the New York Metropolitan area. Doctor’s Allergy Formula Test is a FDA- approved diagnostic skin “scratch” test that is a painless (shot free) and covered by most major medical insurances. The results of the test are read after only fifteen minutes. Once Dr. Giyaur identifies a patient’s allergies, she then creates a custom treatment protocol specific to each patient’s needs.

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