Laser Eye Surgery? Don’t be too Quick to Rule it Out!

LASIK and other laser vision-correcting procedures are not new. Ophthalmologists like Dr. Giyaur have been around the block with this eye-opening technique. Dr. G has even had laser vision correction done on her own eyes, so when patients express their concern about having laser light directed toward vital ocular tissues, she gets it. This can sound more than a little frightening.

The primary reason why so many people still quickly look away from the idea of LASIK surgery is because of the standard connotation of lasers in general. We have all seen what lasers – and their heat – can do. Doctors use lasers to cut and cauterize simultaneously, and dentists are now doing the same. If laser vision correction were conducted in the same manner (which it really couldn’t be), we wouldn’t want it either! Here’s why you can view LASIK in a different light.

Laser vision correction is not what you think

Want to know the worst part of LASIK and laser eye surgeries? Of course you do. It’s the nerves that build up beforehand. That’s right! The procedure itself is straightforward and relatively quick. Here’s how the typical LASIK procedure goes:

  • Numbing eye drops are administered. They act quickly and they really do work!
  • Mild sedative medication may also be given so you can relax comfortably during your procedure.
  • Most patients feel only mild vibration or pressure, but no pain.
  • In an hour to hour and a half, the entire process is over.
  • Irritation and other mild side effects may be experienced shortly after numbness wears off. However, with rest, they diminish within hours.
  • Minor discomfort may be noticed for a day or two, but it does not inhibit normal activities.

Why LASIK is different

The lasers that most of us are familiar with are “hot.” However, this is not appropriate for certain applications, or for the eyes. LASIK and other laser eye procedures are conducted with cold laser that is gentle and accurate without heating the tissues of the eye.

If you have wondered about getting clearer vision with laser eye surgery, get information from a trusted source. Schedule your consultation at New York Laser Vision.


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