Star Light, Star Bright: Are You Seeing Stars Around Your Christmas Lights?

Vision Issues Brooklyn, NYSeeing stars in the sky is one thing but seeing starbursts around your Christmas lights at night is another. If you have noticed that everytime you turn off the lights and turn on your Christmas lights that you see starbursts around each and every tiny light, then it may be a sign of an underlying vision problem. Let’ take a closer look at what those vision problems may be exactly.

Poor Vision

You may not know this, but seeing starbursts around Christmas lights is a big sign that you need to have your prescription contacts or eyeglasses changed. When you start to see these types of lights, it means that your eyes aren’t able to process that light all the way. But, with the help of a prescription, you can get the clearer vision that you need.

Intraocular Pressure

Intraocular eye pressure or glaucoma is caused when there is too much pressure placed on the eyes. When this happens, patients typically start to get blurred vision but symptoms may also include seeing starbursts around lights as well. If you have a family history of glaucoma and you experience this symptom, come in to see Dr. Giyaur for an eye examination.


Cataracts cause a glazing over the lens of the eye which can make it really hard to see. Before cataracts fully form, however, patients tend to experience other visual symptoms such as seeing starbursts when they look at lights.

The good thing is that as long as these vision issues are caught early on, Dr. Giyaur should be able to treat them. If you are seeing starbursts around your Christmas lights, don’t hesitate to schedule your eye examination at our Brooklyn office and call us at 718-676-6464.

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