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Floaters Explained

  What are floaters? Most of the volume of the eye is filled by viscous fluid called vitreous humor. Vitreous is attached to a thin film of nerve tissue in the back of the eye, called retina. In kids this vitreous is completely jelly-like (imagine clear colorless Jell-O). As we age, however, the gel starts […]

I am seeing flying spots – Am I imagining things?

“Doctor, I think I am going crazy, I keep seeing a black fly and when I try to hit it, it’s not there, and then a second later it reappears again!”
Are you seeing dark spots, lines, spider webs, flies, or flashing lights? Dr. Giyaur, a board-certified and experiences New York ophthalmologist, discusses where these “floaters” and flashes come from and what to do about them.

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