A contact lens exam, what’s different?

Often patients request a new prescription for contact lenses and are frustrated to find out that they need an eye exam to receive an updated prescription.


“But my vision is fine.”

Yes, you may be satisfied with the vision in your current contact lenses. However, it is important to make sure that your current lenses are healthy for your eyes. Contact lenses are thin pieces of plastic that sit on your cornea. They are not one size fits all and it’s important for your doctor to make sure your contact lenses are fitting you properly! Inappropriately fitting contact lenses may lead to serious ocular infections and diseases that may eventually result in vision loss. It is our job to make sure your contact lenses do not cause any harm to your eye.

Your Prescription

The contact lens prescription is not the same as the glasses prescription. Because the contact lenses sit closer to your eye than a pair of glasses that are resting on your nose, the strength of the prescription is actually different. So your regular vision exam is not the same as your contact lens exam.

“I’ve been wearing this brand forever, they feel fine.”


Your health and your comfort aren’t exactly the same thing. While your current contact lenses may feel great, it is important for an eye doctor to assess your corneal health with contact lens wear. Is the material giving you eye allergies you may not be aware of? Are your lenses affecting your tear film and causing dry eye and discomfort? Are you cleaning your contact lenses properly? Are you disposing of your contact lenses in a timely manner? Are you overwearing your contact lenses? Maybe another brand will feel just as great but benefit your health or maybe your eyes needs a break from contact lenses and you’re not aware of problems your lenses may be causing. This assessment is vital to making sure contact lens wear is not negatively impacting your eye health.


To schedule your contact lens exam with Dr. Mikitchenko, call us at 718-676-6464.


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