Taking the Stigma out of Astigmatism

There are a few eye conditions that are quite common and that get enough attention for people to think they are familiar with them. Astigmatism is one of them. According to research, this condition may be found in a large majority of the population. So that it does not alter your view of the world, […]

Fillers are Here to Help you Unpack your Bags

Over the past several years, Botox has become recognized as The Lifter of Faces; The Eraser of Crow’s Feet! Literally, it’s like this injectable solution is a virtual Jack of All Trades in the area of anti-aging. There are limitations, though, to what can be done with Botox. For men and women struggling to disguise […]

The LASIK Procedure

  Because of the low risk of complications and high level of precision it provides, bladeless LASIK treatment has become the standard of care among leading LASIK surgeons and ophthalmic teaching institutions worldwide. Compared to methods that use a microkeratome blade, this minimally invasive and incredibly precise procedure decreases the occurrence of partial flaps, holes […]

Move on from Dry Eye with the Right Care

Dry eye syndrome can be frustrating due to the chronic discomfort of a foreign body sensation, excessive watering, itchiness, and redness. Although we have been learning more about this condition, many of the 20+ million people affected by dry eye suffer through an endless shuffle of unsuccessful attempts to minimize their symptoms. Trying to find […]

Laser Eye Surgery? Don’t be too Quick to Rule it Out!

LASIK and other laser vision-correcting procedures are not new. Ophthalmologists like Dr. Giyaur have been around the block with this eye-opening technique. Dr. G has even had laser vision correction done on her own eyes, so when patients express their concern about having laser light directed toward vital ocular tissues, she gets it. This can […]

Prevent Eye Injuries from Fireworks this Upcoming Holiday

  We all love a warm long weekend filled with sunshine, barbecues, and fireworks! Don’t ruin your long weekend with ocular trauma caused by nonprofessional firework play. -19 percent (1,200) of hospital injuries during the July 4th holiday were to the eyes. Sparklers accounted for 1,400 injuries, firecrackers (1,400) and bottle rockets (100). -40% of […]

How your Habits may be Causing Premature Aging in your Eyes

You probably have an idea that your daily habits are affecting aspects of your life such as general health and vitality. But you may not think about how your habits are affecting your eyes. Smoking. Experts encourage us to avoid or kick this habit for a number of reasons. These range from cancer risk to […]

I have a Cataract. Now what?

Let’s start with the facts. What exactly is a cataract? Normally, the lens of the eye is clear. Light passes through the lens, allowing an image to be focused on our retina. Throughout life, clouding of the lens occurs leading to light scatter and decreased vision.   You may have a developing cataract if you […]

Eye Health: Fact vs. Fiction

Are your routine habits hurting your eyes? If you read certain articles, you would think so. However, not everything we read is true. Your eye doctor can separate fact vs. fiction, and help you manage your eye health throughout your life. Computer Use can Hurt your Eyes – Fiction Most of us use some type […]

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