Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser cataract surgery is one of the most advanced and highly effective tools available to improve vision. Laser treatments offer numerous benefits. They are very reliable in improving vision. They are also much safer and more accurate than other methods. If you are suffering from vision loss due to cataracts, you may have more options than you realize. When you come in to see our eye surgeon in Brooklyn, we may discuss laser cataract surgery as one of your options.

How Does a Laser Treat Cataracts?

Laser technology has become very precise and effective. During eye surgery, our team will use this technology in several ways. First, it can be used alongside a handheld surgical tool to make an incision in the cornea and to soften the lens cataract, making it easier to remove. The laser can also be used to treat astigmatism during the procedure. We use lasers because they reduce risks, improve outcomes, and even help patients to heal faster.

What to Expect from Laser Cataract Surgery?

Cataract surgery is complex but not necessarily lengthy. The procedure involves creating an incision in the cornea to gain access to the interior of the eye. It is then possible to break up and remove the cataract itself. The surgeon then inserts an intraocular lens. This implanted lens can help eliminate or reduce the need for eyeglasses after surgery.

Cataract surgery using lasers can be more precise than surgery using manual instruments. During the procedure, after making a bladeless incision in the cornea, the surgeon performs an anterior capsulotomy. This provides access to the cataract beneath the top of the lens capsule. Using a laser enables the surgeon to ensure that the capsule remains intact, protecting your vision and your eye health.

Laser-guided cataract surgery can involve several steps, depending on your diagnosis and needs. During this surgery, the surgeon can often fix other vision concerns, as well, including astigmatisms. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of care possible with the fewest risks.

Is Laser Cataract Surgery Right for You?

Most people who have undergone the procedure can confidently say that laser cataract surgery is not painful. Additionally, it is more accurate than traditional cataract surgery. When you come to see our team in Brooklyn, we will thoroughly explain laser cataract surgery to you. We’ll talk about the risks and the many benefits. You’ll have a thorough eye exam and a comprehensive consultation to discuss each option. Our goal is to help you see as well as possible without putting your vision or eye health at risk. Contact our team today to schedule your consultation to learn more about this vision correction procedure and how it can help you.

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