Fillers are Here to Help you Unpack your Bags

Over the past several years, Botox has become recognized as The Lifter of Faces; The Eraser of Crow’s Feet! Literally, it’s like this injectable solution is a virtual Jack of All Trades in the area of anti-aging. There are limitations, though, to what can be done with Botox. For men and women struggling to disguise their perpetually tired look due to under eye bags, the solution is found in another method of care.

Fat, Where?
Unwanted pockets of fat can form just about anywhere on the body. Some people even complain about feeling they have fat feet! There may be nothing worse for the appearance of age than the accumulation of fat cells beneath the eyes. So why does this happen to a few unfortunate souls? It isn’t that fat has all of a sudden decided to gather around your eyes. What is really happening in the development of under eye bags is that the fat cells that have been there all along are simply bursting at the seams.

As we age, the skin around the eyes, and everywhere else on the body, breaks down a bit. This is because the layers of connective tissue that support the skin are sporting frayed strands of collagen, rather than thick, tight strands. This means that there is little structure beneath the skin to keep it taut and resilient. Around the eyes, we see this as bags, sagging, and lines.

Nowhere to go but Up
When you’ve hit rock bottom with your under eye bags, you have choices in how to climb back up to a more youthful look. You might consider blepharoplasty, the surgical procedure that excises loose skin and extricates unwanted fat. In some cases, this approach is necessary. Quite often, though, under eye bags can be disguised immediately simply by adding the right contours to the lower arc beneath the eyes. Treatment takes only a few minutes, and because the Juvederm product contains lidocaine, injections are very comfortable.

Stop pulling up your skin as you look at your reflection in the mirror! Get that smooth look and keep it by hiding bags for good. Call 718-676-6464.

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