Posts From October, 2015

Just What is 20/20 Vision?

When you were little and resisting eating your mom’s soggy cooked carrots, she may have used this line on you. “Not going to eat your carrots, eh? Well, so and so has 20/20 vision. I’ll bet he eats his carrots.” Everyone knows the term 20/20 vision. It’s kind of synonymous with perfect vision. But just […]

20-20-20 Rule

Digital eye strain is prevalent in many of our lives. With the increasing use of computers, phones, and tablets, our eyes are constantly working at a close or intermediate distance. Often, patients report dryness, burning, tearing due to reduced blinking when staring at a bright screen. It is common that extended users of digital devices […]

If You’re Over 40, Chances are You Have Presbyopia

With age may comes certain perks — wisdom, experience, discounts on some stuff. But with it comes an assortment of unwanted issues with your body: wrinkles, joint pain, age spots, even cataracts. And, for most people when they pass the big 40th birthday, usually presbyopia. Presbyopia is a natural consequence of the aging of your […]

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