What You Should Know About Blepharitis

While we all worry about the health of our eyes, few people ever think about keeping their eyelashes or eyelids healthy. Blepharitis is a chronic inflammation, or infection, of the eyelids and eyelash follicles. Let’s take some time now to answer common questions patients have about this rare condition.

  • What are some common symptoms of blepharitis? Blepharitis is commonly recognized by the following signs and symptoms: itchy eyelids, red or swollen eyelids, crust on the eyelashes or eyelids, excessive tearing of the eyes, loss of eyelashes, a burning sensation in the eyes, frequent blinking, and a sudden sensitivity to light.
  • Who is considered at risk for blepharitis? Blepharitis can occur in patients of any age. This condition is often related to several other factors, including poor eyelid hygiene, bacterial eye infection, and skin conditions including acne and rosacea.
  • Is blepharitis contagious? Blepharitis, while bothersome, is not contagious. However, if the condition is not treated or cared for properly, it can result in an infection that spreads to the cornea. Fortunately, blepharitis does not usually cause any permanent damage to a person’s eyesight.
  • How is blepharitis diagnosed? Blepharitis is diagnosed following a comprehensive examination of the eyelids and the eyes. In some cases, a sample of the oil or crust that forms on the eyelid may be taken and tested for bacteria.
  • Is there a cure? There is currently no cure for blepharitis, and because the condition tends to recur from time to time, is may be difficult to treat. Patients with the condition are advised to practice better eyelid hygiene, avoid wearing make-up, and place warm compresses on the eyelids to reduce eye discomfort. Topical antibiotics may also be used to treat the condition if any bacteria is found on the eyelids.

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