Fall Allergies Are Right Around The Corner

Fall is right around the corners, and the change in seasons is usually accompanied by the onset of ocular allergies. Ocular allergies occur when your eyes are exposed to some type of allergen. Allergies can be seasonal or be caused by dust mites, pet hair or many other possible allergens. Although they do not cause long term harm to the eyes, it is best to get the checked so your doctor can suggest treatments and help relieve the symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms of Ocular Allergies

Although each person reacts differently to irritants, some are common to almost everyone who experiences ocular allergies.

  • Common ocular symptoms: Itchiness and irritation in the eyes, constant watery eyes, swelling of the eyelids, redness in the eyes, excessive sensitivity to light, and burning sensation in the eyes.
  • Non-ocular symptoms: Sneezing, a runny nose, congestion or fever. These are common symptoms of allergic rhinitis that accompany certain kinds of ocular allergies that affect the respiratory system as well.

Common causes of ocular allergies include sudden or prolonged exposure to certain common allergens that affect many people.

  • Common allergens: Seasonal pollen and spores, dust mites, pet dander, smoke, fumes and strong perfumes. Continued exposure to these after symptoms develop may lead to severe allergic reactions, blurred vision and difficulty in breathing.

Precautions and treatment options for ocular allergies include:

  • Prevention: Wearing protective glasses when going outdoors, staying in closed air conditioned spaces during seasonal increase of pollen and spores and washing hands after petting or playing with animals can help keep allergies away.
  • Treatment: Using eye over the counter eye drops that induce tears and keep the eyes moist to alleviate itchiness,  and taking antihistamines and anti-allergy injections can help deal with the symptoms of allergies.


These preventive and treatment options will help avoid developing allergies and, if you already have ocular allergies, will aid in alleviating the symptoms. Certain antihistamines and allergy shots are not sold over the counter and may require a prescription from your doctor. Click here to learn more about New York Laser Vision’s Ocular Allergy Diagnostic System which is used to analyze and treat each patient’s allergies individually and create a customized treatment plan.

To learn more about your own ocular allergies, contact us today for an appointment. We are located in Brooklyn and can be reached directly at 718-676-6464.

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