Move on from Dry Eye with the Right Care

Dry eye syndrome can be frustrating due to the chronic discomfort of a foreign body sensation, excessive watering, itchiness, and redness. Although we have been learning more about this condition, many of the 20+ million people affected by dry eye suffer through an endless shuffle of unsuccessful attempts to minimize their symptoms.

Trying to find a cause. It makes sense to trace symptoms back to a root cause. This is simple human nature! If your eyes feel itchy and scratchy, you may assume that this is due to computer use, the weather, your contact lenses, or some other external factor. This is where the shuffle for solutions begins.

Trying to fix the obvious problem. Again, from a logical standpoint, it makes sense to address dry eye by changing certain habits and by treating the symptoms. This may lead you to trade your contact lenses for eyeglasses for a short time, or to minimize your screen time, or blink frequently. Another common way that people try to fix the obvious problem of dry eye symptoms is to lubricate the eyes with artificial tears. What most people find is that the improvement that is achieved with lubricated eye drops lasts only a short time. This is likely because the underlying issue has not been corrected.

A Closer Look at Dry Eye Syndrome

For several years, experts believe there to be numerous potential causes for dry eyes syndrome. It could be that the glands responsible for producing tears are simply underactive. In most cases the issue at hand is not necessarily too-little tear production, but an imbalance in the delicate chemistry needed within tears. Patients of our Brooklyn eye care practice can benefit from innovative diagnostic testing that assesses the salt content of tears within just a few seconds. And in balance between salt content and oil content into years maybe successfully dressed in a holistic manner.

Many of our patients have achieved excellent results and treating dry eye discomfort with HydroEye soft gel capsules. This nutritional supplement affects tear production by restoring optimal levels of key nutrients such as antioxidants and omega fatty acids. It can take up to 60 days to see and optimal change into tear production. The product, available in our office, has a 60 day money-back guarantee; and most of our patients have not taken advantage of that. This is evidence of the effectiveness of this approach.

Your eye health is important to quality of life. We are here to help you handle conditions such as dry eye. Call 718-676-6464.

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