Let’s Talk about Macular Degeneration

As the body ages, so do the eyes. When you know what changes may occur as your eyes become older, you are better prepared to manage your overall health and quality of life. Our staff is committed to assisting you with your eye health, and we are happy to provide you with the information you need to be well-armed in your journey through life.

Macular Degeneration is one of several concerning eye conditions that affects older adults. According to statistical data, more people are affected by macular degeneration than by cataracts and glaucoma combined. Millions of people in our country have been diagnosed with this condition, for which there is no cure. Because it is a prominent cause of blindness, Macular Degeneration is a problem you want to do your best to avoid. The question is, can you?

Certain people are inherently at an increased risk for Macular Degeneration, which affects the retina and, thus, central vision. If you have a family history of this condition, you are encouraged to implement healthy habits into your lifestyle. Through certain steps, you can nourish your eyes, and protect them from degenerative disease.

  1. Maintain routine checkups with your eye doctor. While there is no guarantee that macular degeneration can be entirely prevented, there are significant benefits to early detection and treatment.
  2. The eyes, like the rest of the body, benefit from certain vitamins and nutrients. Consuming beta carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, and zinc supports healthy eyes.
  3. Fish oil is also beneficial for the vessels and tissues that support eye health. If fish is not pleasing to your palate, try a non-fishy supplement.
  4. Smoking is bad for your health and for your eyes. In fact, smokers are at a significantly higher risk for macular degeneration later in life. So don’t smoke.
  5. Nourish the eyes by eating nuts and fresh fruits.
  6. Add an extra serving of green leafy vegetables to your plate each day; your eyes will thank you.
  7. Reduce oxidative stress on the eyes and the body by limiting your intake of refined carbohydrates.
  8. Keep your weight steady with a healthy diet and daily exercise.
  9. Discuss blood pressure and cholesterol management with your family physician, as elevated levels affect eye health.
  10. Wear sunglasses whenever you are outdoors to protect your eyes from damaging UV rays.

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